TIER IV Launches Commercial Autonomous Driving Software Platforms for Multiple Operational Design Domains – QNT Press Release

TOKYO, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tier IV, an open source autonomous driving startup, announced that it has launched commercial autonomous driving software platforms “Pilot.Auto” and “Web.Auto“, which offer a range of support from development to operation of customers’ autonomous driving systems. These platforms can be used in multiple operational design domains (ODD) including closed spaces with restricted traffic and pedestrian-vehicle mixed traffic in urban areas.

Pilot.Auto is an autonomous driving software platform based on “Autoware*1“, an open-source software (OSS) for autonomous driving whose development is led by TIER IV. Pilot.Auto enables partners to achieve their own autonomous driving goals in accordance with TIER IV’s proprietary reference design specifications.

Web.Auto, on the other hand, is a development and operation (DevOps*2) software platform for expanding and improving Pilot.Auto in order to meet individual requirements specified by partners’ systems.

These platforms enable partners to significantly reduce development costs of their desired autonomous driving system and shorten time to market.

Features of Pilot.Auto and Web.Auto

Pilot.Auto provides the following functions for the implementation of autonomous driving systems by customers in their respective communities.

  • Customization of software: Offers customization including the addition and expansion of functions to meet the function and performance requirements for individual use cases and ODD. Pilot.Auto performs evaluations of new functions …

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