Tickets for the UPROAR hip-hop festival held by Lil Wayne at the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium are now on sale


angel, May 26, 2021 / PRNewswire /- The ticket is On sale now in order to UPROAR Hip Hop Festival Torch at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, An immersive interactive music, art and nightlife experience by Lil Wayne, Young money With friends, happen August 13day 2021.In addition, UPROAR Hip Hop Festival proudly announces that it will host a star-studded event in the summer Broadcast worldwide through official partners Mandolin, Its technology is redefining live entertainment.

UPROAR Hip Hop Festival also marks the grand opening of the nearly 100-year-old Los Angeles Stadium, which has been named a historical landmark after a multi-million dollar renovation project. The festival will be held in The Torch, a general admission venue at the entrance of the iconic Peristyle Square.

UPROAR Hip Hop Festival Experience
UPROAR will be an experience summer night full of music, dance, art, food and drink and more. The event will begin as soon as participants pass the stadium gate.

In addition to the highly anticipated live performances, attendees can also enjoy the live DJ’s mix and enter the dance floor between the two performances. Festival visitors can browse UPROAR-related items in the designated supplier village, which has dozens of local suppliers, and can also taste the food and beverages provided by the best restaurants in Los Angeles. There is also a beer garden for you to choose from, as well as a basketball stand for the “3-point cutting” experience, and a selfie station equipped with plexiglass mirrors, so guests can perfectly capture and record all actions.

Lil Wayne I am very keen to share inspiration and encourage others to do the same. Therefore, UPROAR will use expression media other than music, including dance and art, and emerging creators can participate as early as possible.A few months before the event, submissions and dance competitions will be accepted Art walk.Details will be in June 1 On @GKUAO official Instagram. The dance team will compete for the chance to win a performance on the UPROAR stage next year in 2022.For those who have chosen a two-dimensional creation form, UPROAR will also have a Art walk Show new star artists.

As an added bonus, UPROAR’s VIP club provides VIP guests with the opportunity to enter a private space and enjoy the festival with their friends. The MC host will broadcast the interaction with celebrity guests and performers from the VIP club. In addition, VIP ticket holders can also enter the celebrity wall to spend quality time with celebrity guests and artists.

Lil Wayne, Young money Live on stage with friends
With the legend Lil Wayne Myself, fans can look forward to an epic lineup that reflects many years Lil Wayne Iconic collaborations and relationships in the hip-hop world. Expect an accident in UPROAR.

Mandolin Global live broadcast
For global fans who cannot participate in UPROAR in person (or Golden State residents who just like to perform all activities in the comfort of their own home), the event will also be provided by official partners Mandolin, Its live broadcast “Music Festival Platform” is still the first in the music industry. Mandolin will produce an interactive festival stream with multiple viewing and participation options.

Fans all over the world will be able to navigate from the digital stage to other areas of the festival and participate in UPROAR as soon as everything happens, just like they were in The Torch in person. Interactive real-time streaming features include chatting with friends, attending viewing parties, performing live activation and purchasing merchandise.

In addition to live main stage performances and dance competitions, backstage camera access, pre-recorded content, pre-show entertainment and roaming audience cameras will also be provided. Selected VIP virtual ticket holders will be able to use the artist tent, where Mandolin’s cutting-edge technology provides fans with the opportunity to interact with their favorite artists. In order to do this, Mandolin combines the most innovative technology to ensure low latency and is equipped with multiple redundant systems to ensure that the fan has the best streaming experience regardless of equipment, Internet connection or location.

“We are inviting California Celebrate summer with us with people from all over the world. ” Lil Wayne.

access purchase on-site tickets.Due to COVID travel and activity restrictions, you must use a credit or debit card to purchase tickets California address. Visit Mandolin’s virtual box office here Purchase tickets to access the live broadcast.

The Torch’s UPROAR will follow all recommended health and safety guidelines issued by officials.

For more information and updates on UPROAR, please visit The Torch on August 13, 2021 access

UPROAR HIP HOP FESTIVAL is a performance for all ages, and the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium is a place where smoking is prohibited. During the UPROAR Music Festival, the sale, distribution or sampling of cannabis is not allowed.Brands and companies interested in UPROAR’s vendor booth should contact

About Mandolin
Mandolin Help artists and venues connect with fans and thrive through the music they produce. We intend to break the boundaries of live broadcast, provide artists with the right tools to create content, share content widely, and then better understand fan participation. Mandolin enables artists to formulate digital strategies while providing fans with unprecedented access to artists they love.To learn more about how the mandolin brings live music back to the stage, please visit or Facebook, Instagram, Or Twitter.

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