Thunderbird Inn is the first to announce a minimum wage of $15 an hour in the tourism industry in Savannah, Georgia – QNT Press Release

Savannah, Georgia , July 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/-Famous for ecological-centric investment and the vacillating atmosphere of the sixties, Thunderbird Hostel Starting employee salary 15 dollars/Hour, opened the way to earn a living wage. Mark A. ThomasThe general manager said that this retro-themed hotel is the first locally-owned tourism and hotel company in the coastal area. Georgia Announcing an increase in the minimum wage.

Fast rate hike

Effective July 1, 2021, The Thunderbird Inn will launch its 15 dollarsThe starting salary per hour is used as an experiment. For existing staff helping hotels through the pandemic, the increase is immediate.

Although the hotel’s salary increase is also to attract high-quality employees, Thomas pointed out the authenticity of the brand in this transition. “We promote’interesting people stay here.’ This hotel must also match its stable, fun-working team-happy, knowledgeable, reliable, personable, smart, and eager to please!”

Taking into account the timely and necessary increase, the hotel’s new 15 dollarsThe minimum wage per hour is consistent with a series of wage increases announced by national brands and national recommendations aimed at improving…

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