The Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation podcast explores the popularity of holding company structures – QNT Press Release


The new CT Expert Insights podcast discusses how to maintain critical assets and liability protection

The economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic makes it more difficult than ever for companies to venture into new business areas. However, by structuring itself as a holding company, business entities can help protect themselves and their assets from the financial consequences of failed businesses or legal proceedings. However, if these same assets are not carefully arranged throughout a large enterprise, the protection that the enterprise enjoys may soon disappear.This is a new episode based on Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation Recently launched the CT Expert Insights podcast.

Sandra FeldmanCT Corporation’s publishing attorney explained that the popularity of the holding/operating company structure is largely due to the degree of separation it provides. As long as the holding company isolates the assets of its subsidiaries from itself and each other, the impact of potential business decline or legal proceedings will remain limited. Feldman used a hypothetical example of a holding organization in the podcast. The organization has two operating companies in the podcast-one is a successful manufacturer of widgets, and the other is…

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