The Trademark Factory wishes you a Merry Christmas-‘Feliz Navidad’ style – QNT Press Release


New York City, New York, December 25, 2021 (Global News Service)-To celebrate this holiday, the Trademark Factory family organized a Play your beloved long song happily, But with trademark distortion. From company owner Andrei Mincov: “Since 2010, this has been our annual tradition. Every year, we prepare something special for Christmas and New Year. This time, we recorded our own logo-infused version of “Feliz Navidad”-an amazing, eternal song by Jose Feliciano.”

When “Let’s File Your Trademark” topped the holiday song charts, Trademark Factory continued to work hard and provide the best trademark service for your brand. As always, they want to ensure that your trademark is protected and protected for the rest of the year, all…

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