The new thought-provoking picture book for children ignites joy and encourages children to find their own truth while connecting with nature – QNT Press Release

SEAFORTH, Nova Scotia, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/ – The concept of “truth” does not have a simple definition, but can have many interpretations. Therefore, for many people, especially children, this is a difficult concept to understand.In “Little Philosophers and Truth Husbands: Listen to Our Nature”, exquisite illustrations and unique rhyming books for children written by early childhood literacy experts and children’s writers Yul Merz, It tells the story of two curious and adventurous children who seek answers to questions about the truth and how to find it. When they met a clever old owl while exploring outdoors, the two friends and readers embarked on a journey of self, listening to their bodies and following their hearts. Children begin to discover that by understanding fear and choosing love, they will continue to discover truth.

When Maerz wrote her pen after her…

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