The new book helps readers connect with their inner self on an emotional and spiritual level – QNT Press Release

Nicosia, Cyprus, August 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/-Many situations in life can help personal growth. Author Despo Pishiri shared in her debut novel “From Darkness to Light: Discovering the Secret of Who You Really Are, and Healing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit” about the differences in growing up in spirit, emotion, and body when you find your true self. Way.

Pishiri’s new book combines personal and professional experience. During client hypnosis, she inadvertently managed to communicate with her higher self. Her client is deeply hypnotized, and Pishiri’s higher self uses this opportunity to talk to her through the client. The higher self provided valuable information about the author’s past life, which inspired her curiosity to understand the mechanism of spiritual and emotional development. This experience encouraged Pishiri to find her true self, which is why she decided to write “From Darkness to Light”.


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