The municipality of Pecos selects a sports facility company as the operating partner of the regional sports center

Clearwater, Florida, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Located about an hour away Midland, Texas, This Pecos Town The city’s vision of becoming an elite baseball destination will be realized as they prepare to open a new facility, Cyclone Ballparks. Cyclone Ballparks will open in June 2021 and will be equipped with 5 state-of-the-art baseball fields, batting cages and franchise rights.To realize this vision, the town of Pecos chose Sports Facilities Company (CSRC) As a turnkey service provider for the management of the stadium.

With the investment in the park and the selection of the China Securities Regulatory Commission as its facility manager/operator, Pecos Town The city is ready to realize the economic and social benefits of the growing sports tourism industry.According to a 2019 State of the Industry Report According to data from sports events and tourism associations, the number of visitors to sports events has increased by 10 million in the past five years. $19.2 billion industry.

For communities that want to conduct expert management of their sports tourism, community leisure, entertainment and fitness facilities, sports facilities companies are a trustworthy resource. The CSRC will lead the organization and business development of the property during the construction period, and manage all aspects of daily operations after the grand opening. The full-service company of the China Securities Regulatory Commission provides leadership and support in event booking, tournament development, branding and marketing strategies, human resources, law, and risk management. The company represents the SFM Network of the same name, which is the largest and fastest growing collection of sports and entertainment facilities in the United States.

Heather RamirezPecos Interim City Manager said: “This project is something that the City Council has been dreaming of for many years. We look forward to working with the Securities and Futures Commission to implement our vision to transform our town into a baseball destination. The Tornado Baseball Stadium will become a catalyst for the new era. As we expand our industrial and agricultural heritage in our region.”

According to the city representative, the town of Pecos prides itself on its love of baseball and its sense of community.The city will soon attract tourists and tourist teams from the local area, such as Midland/Odessa, New Mexico, Dallas with HoustonThe opening of Cyclone Ballparks will promote weekend travel as it provides out-of-town guests with the opportunity to stay in 20 local flag hotels and explore local restaurants, shops and natural attractions in the area.

Chief Executive Officer of the Securities Regulatory Commission, Jason Clement, Pointed out, “The Whirlwind Baseball Stadium is more than just baseball for this city. PecosThe facility will bring an unprecedented level of tourism to the city, which will benefit local businesses and help enrich the sense of community of local residents in their beloved hometown. We are honored to be selected as the facility operator of Cyclone Ballparks, and we will use our time, talent and resources to provide good service to New York City. ”

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