The London-designed artificial green wall and UpScapers set off an unprecedented sensation in the U.S. market – QNT Press Release

Nashville, Tennessee, January 2, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/ – UpScapers broke the global distribution record in the United States with the launch of Vistafolia. Vistafolia, a high-end super-realistic artificial green wall system, designed by the designer London-Gardener Paul Alder. Alder is known for his amazing praise in many English garden performances and his tenure Queen Elizabeth Eight years ago, Royal Garden began his Vistafolia journey, designing and designing the most realistic and high-performance artificial green wall system ever. Vistafolia is the first of its kind and has no competitors.

UpScapers provides a turnkey installation and resale network for Vistafolia in the United States, Canada, Mexico, And the outer islands of the United States. “When introducing this kind of industry-changing product, publicity is crucial,” said Jackie Wiener, Co-founder of UpScapers Nashville, Tennessee“The best way to let people know that this very beautiful system is now available in the United States is through a network of trusted partners.”

If Wiener knows one thing, it is how to develop a trusted partner network. Her early background in Synthetic Grass, from…

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