The Dawson Teachers Union will go on strike today, June 11

Montreal, June 11, 2021 /CNW/-In the context of ongoing negotiations for a collective agreement for new teachers, the Dawson Teachers Union will go on strike today. June 11The strike date is part of a rotating strike that took place around the FNEEQ Cégep network.

in Dawson’s Board meeting about Tuesday, June 8, DTU President Brian Sevillewright A convincing introduction was made on the state of negotiations and the need to resolve inequality in continuing education.

Many continuing education teachers’ annual salaries are lower than 40000 USD/yr Although he has many years of experience in the college and has more teaching time than his colleagues in the general department, he cannot obtain health or dental insurance and can only enjoy two partially paid sick Dawson In universities, these teachers usually work in the evenings and weekends, which affects the work-family balance. These untenable working conditions directly affect the learning environment of students in the classroom.

Several members of the board spoke in support of our cause, and the chairman of the board moved the following motion, namely Unanimously passed:

Whereas it has been more than a year since the teacher collective agreement expired;
Whereas several departments of Dawson have taken a stand to condemn the progress of the negotiation and forward it to the board of directors;
Whereas government representatives lack the authority to negotiate;
Given that the needs of teachers are related to issues such as instability, professional autonomy, continuing education, Cegep network integration, workload and resources, etc.

This Dawson The University Council supports teachers’ demands for fair pay for continuing education teachers and calls on the government to provide the necessary financial resources to satisfactorily resolve negotiations that benefit teachers, students, and the college.

Dawson The teacher will be on the picket line Dawson Go to university June 11 From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; We invite you to take a look at our efforts and would be happy to accept a short interview.

Dawson Teachers Union (DTU)
Brian Sevillewright, DTU President

Source Central Committee Montreal Metropolis (CCMM-CSN)

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