The blockchain version of Minesweeper Super Minesweeper has launched a new element of GameFi – QNT Press Release

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Microsoft’s minesweeping, TOM Games teamed up with minesweeping enthusiasts in Silicon Valley and the Asia-Pacific region to create a blockchain version of Super Minesweeper. It combines NFT and DeFi gameplay, and uses a unique mining area map as the ecological blueprint for diversified NFT games.

The biggest difference between “Super Minesweeper” and Microsoft Minesweeper is that it empowers the game map and creates a perfectly replicated decentralized +NFT+P2E+DeFi game for massive cryptocurrencies.

Enthusiasts and minesweeping enthusiasts. The game map played by the user is not generated by the system, but a unique game map created by the user. The map parameters are uploaded to the blockchain to obtain the NFT certificate. When the minesweeping starts, the NFT parameters on the chain are referenced to obtain the game map. At the same time, the game map NFT created and generated by the user can be stored and traded.

Currently, “Super Minesweeper” has been launched in English and Chinese communities. Because the Microsoft Minesweeper game is well-known by users who have used Windows systems all over the world, it can be seen that “Super Minesweeper” has an unparalleled community base and has the same potential as Dogecoin, which has a large number of dog lovers. It is used to reward game map contributors. The future trend of governance token SM can refer to the historical process of Dogecoin.

In the future, “Super Minesweeper” will continue to work hard to explore Metaverse on the GameFi track and provide users with more and better diversified ecological scenarios.

According to the white paper, the community will actively seek support from Microsoft founder Bill Gates.


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