The Biden administration officially terminated the MPP agreement with Mexico. There is no doubt that border chaos is a policy, and fees are fair


Washington, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The following statement is made by Dan SteinThe Chairman of the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), response to the Department of Homeland Security’s formal termination of the Migration Protection Agreement (MPP) program:
. (PRNewsFoto/FAIR)” alt=”The Federation for Immigration Reform of the United States (FAIR) is a national, non-profit, public interest, member organization composed of caring citizens. They have a common belief that reforms must be made Our country’s immigration policy can serve the country’s interest. Visit FAIR’s website: . (PRNewsFoto/FAIR)”>

“The Department of Homeland Security announced today United States Formally withdraw from the agreement with the Migration Protection Agreement (MPP) Mexico Eliminates doubts that the Biden administration’s policy is to completely open borders and end all meaningful U.S. immigration law enforcement.

“Anyone who might think that the chaos that has enveloped our southern border since President Biden took office is the result of incompetence or misplaced humanitarianism​​can no longer have such illusions. The border crisis is a design of Biden’s policy. Characteristics, not its policy flaws.

“The MPP is the most successful tool to stop the wave of immigrants trying to reach United States And deceive our political asylum system. By sending a clear message that they will not succeed, it stops those who speciously claim to try to abuse our asylum system-which is why the Biden administration, driven by radical left-wing extremists, immediately shut it down. Put it on ice, it is now being abolished completely.

“Although the MPP has been suspended since January, the agreement still provides United States If we choose to use it, we will put the brakes on illegal immigrants out of control. The official denial of MPP means that the tool will no longer be available.

“In his announcement, the secretary Alejandro Majorcas It also stated that the last line of defense against unrestricted illegal immigration, Article 42, which is a legal provision invoked by the Trump administration to protect public health in the face of a global pandemic, is also on the cutting board. Although the new coronavirus outbreak and new strains of the virus may threaten public health and our economy, even this protective measure may soon fall prey to the White House open border fanatics. “

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Was established in 1979, Fair It is the largest immigration reform group in the country. FAIR has more than 3 million members and supporters across the country, fighting for an immigration policy that serves national interests rather than special interests. FAIR believes that immigration reform must enhance national security, improve the economy, protect employment, protect our environment, and establish a recognized and enforced rule of law.

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