The Association of Corporate Counsel names QuisLex as the 2021 Value Champion

New York, June 9, 2021 (Global News Agency) – QueslakesIt is a leading alternative legal service provider that has long been recognized as a pioneer in the industry and announced that it has been named the 2021 Corporate Legal Counsel Value Champion Association. Described as an industry leader who integrates people, processes, technology and data to improve efficiency and value, 2021 ACC Value Champion It was announced on June 8 to commend 12 innovative legal departments and 9 external partners as pioneers in optimizing legal services.

The panel of past winners, along with its customer NetApp and two other NetApp partners Keesal Propulsion Labs and LexCheck, selected QuisLex as the 2021 ACC Value Champion. Their cooperation shortened the contract approval time by 80%.

NetApp Legal Ops found that the time required for contract approval was too long, bringing together trusted vendors and technologies​​ to assess the root cause of the delay, and then create and implement an integrated solution. The VP approver has previously received a list of identified contractual and legal risks, but there is insufficient information about the importance of these risks, their possible impact, and the measures that can be taken to mitigate these impacts. These VPs will then be upgraded to senior members of NetApp’s internal legal team to better understand what they are approving, causing a series of additional work and delays.

QuisLex worked with NetApp partner LexCheck to adjust existing playbook guidelines and used AI to identify major risks and generate a report that provided contextual analysis of each risk, overall risk score, and recommended mitigation steps. KP Labs adjusted NetApp’s workflow to send these enhanced reports to the preliminary approver and then to the VP, thereby facilitating approval. By providing more relevant information and background to the VP, reporting to NetApp’s internal legal department was reduced to less than 10%, and the approval time was shortened by 80%.

Ram Vasudevan, CEO of QuisLex, said: “We are proud to be selected as the 2021 ACC Value Champion for the fourth consecutive year, this year with our partners at NetApp, KP Labs and LexCheck. “This special effort solves a common problem. ——Provide the right information to the right people to promote faster decision-making ——and show that the problem can be solved very well through the collaborative combination of people, process and technology,” added Andy Banquer, vice president. QuisLex Enterprise Solutions Program.

ACC represents more than 45,000 members in 85 countries. Since 2012, the ACC Value Champions Program has highlighted the corporate law department that uses innovation to optimize the delivery of legal services.

QuisLex provides industry-leading services for corporate clients and law firms, including custody document review, contract lifecycle management, compliance services, legal expenditure management and legal operations consulting.To learn more about how QuisLex works with NetApp and its partners to reduce risk and shorten contract periods, and why the collaborative solution was selected as the 2021 ACC Value Champion, please visit 2021 Value Champion Web page.

About QuisLex
QuisLex is an award-winning legal services provider specializing in escrow document review, contract management, compliance services, legal expenditure management and legal operations consulting. Our well-trained full-time lawyers, process experts, legal technicians, statisticians and linguists work closely with our clients to reduce costs, reduce risks and maximize efficiency. QuisLex is nationally certified by the Minority Supplier Development Council of New York and New Jersey and is a Minority Enterprise (MBE).To learn more, please visit

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