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This “Medical Robot Market Scale, Market Share, Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Growth Trends, Main Players, Competitive Strategies and Forecasts, 2021-2029” Report has been added to provide.

The global medical robot market-growth, share, opportunity and competition analysis from 2021 to 2029 provides strategic insights into the global medical robot system industry, as well as market size and estimates for the period from 2019 to 2029.

Since the early 1980s, medical robots have been used in various applications in the medical field. However, due to reliability and safety issues, the adoption of medical robots has been relatively slow. With the continuous expansion of capabilities in different application fields and the continuing trend of automation, medical robots have been widely used in the field of health care for a period of time.

Today, medical robots have been developed to perform various surgical operations, including neurology, orthopedics, and minimally invasive surgery. Popular types of medical robots designed according to applications include surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, minimally invasive robots, hospital and pharmacy robots, etc.

The most important factor driving market growth is the overall superior economic and social advantages of medical robots over traditional human operations. Medical robots are designed to achieve higher accuracy, faster operations and safer surgical operations.

In addition, medical robots are suitable for hybrid operating rooms, which is one of the rapidly developing technologies in the medical field. Subsequently, the medical robot market is expected to show strong growth during the forecast period. Another important factor driving market growth is the encouragement and funding provided by governments. Therefore, market participants are more inclined to research and development to produce more reliable and safer robotic systems.

Report scope

The global medical robot market is dominated by surgical robot systems, which account for more than 55% of the total global market revenue. Surgical robotic systems are used in various operations/procedures, including neurology, orthopedics, and laparoscopy.

As the number of these programs is high globally, it is expected that this segment will maintain its dominant position in the market throughout the forecast period. Another major factor driving the growth of this market segment is the increasing adoption of minimally invasive surgery. Nevertheless, the rehabilitation robot segment is expected to achieve the highest growth during the forecast period.

The entire medical robot market is dominated by the application of laparoscopy. In 2020, this sector contributed more than 80% of total global revenue. The growth in this sector is mainly due to the increasing demand for minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As the penetration rate of minimally invasive medical procedures further increases, this segment is expected to maintain its dominant position in the market throughout the forecast period.

In addition to the laparoscopic application field, the nervous system application field is expected to achieve the highest growth during the forecast period. The increasing prevalence of neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, and epilepsy has led to an increase in the number of neurosurgery operations. Therefore, it is estimated that this will significantly drive the demand for medical robots dedicated to neurotherapy in the next few years.

As of 2020, North America dominates the global medical robot market, accounting for more than one-third of the total market revenue. The growth here is mainly due to the widespread adoption of robotic systems in various medical applications. Due to the continuous increase in the penetration rate of the hybrid operating room, coupled with strong government encouragement, the region is expected to maintain its dominant position in the market throughout the forecast period.

It is expected that in the next few years, the Asia-Pacific region will become the fastest growing region for medical robots. Due to the continuous growth of medical tourism in India, Thailand, Singapore and other countries, investment in healthcare IT and other medical equipment is strong. Therefore, the region is expected to bring high profits to medical robots during the forecast period.

Companies mentioned

  • Love Robot Company

  • Renishaw

  • Titan Medical

  • Medical Robot Company

  • Precision company

  • Varian Medical System

  • Intuitive Surgery

  • Or productivity company.

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