TapTap Presents Mobile Showcase Featured Exciting Reveals This Past Weekend – QNT Press Release

World Premier of DeNAs CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACE, updates for HoYoverses Genshin Impact, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile, and More

LOS ANGELES, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TapTap Presentsthe digital showcase connecting gaming fans worldwide, completed another successful event this past weekend earning more than 10 million views on Saturday, July 23. The show introduced new titles and updates for 24 games available to download and pre-register on the TapTap App.

Developer XD Inc. brought exciting world premieres including the mobile version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Steam’s most popular battle sim to date as well as Project SCE, the handy tool that helps small development teams and players bring their biggest ideas to life! Go Go! Muffin!the fantasy idle RPG featuring Midgard’s most perfect, unique, and considerable pal, Muffin, also made its debut alongside many others. And Etheria:Startthe Turn-based RPG in Unreal Engine 4 also made its debut to worldwide gamers.

The latest installment of the classic cross-platform ARPG franchise Torchlight: Infiniterevealed updated gameplay footage as well as a new hero, Thea, to be released in October 2022 and available to pre-register now on the App Store or TapTap. T3 Arena is a 3v3 hero shooter where you can team up with your friends and jump into the Arena anytime, anywhere. T3 Arena will bring a new season titled “Lights On,” a new hero, YAA, and so much more on August 4, 2022!

AAA mobile developer DeNA revealed CAPTAIN TSUBASA: ACEa multiplayer online soccer game inspired by the anime of the same name. Play as your favorite celebrity athletes and experience perfectly recreated scenes from the show. HoYoverse‘s famous open world adventure RPG, Genshin Impactunveiled new companions and adventures. Travelers, the journey to Sumeru is about to begin!

An impressive roster of games are available to pre-register now on the TapTap app including …

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