TANAAKK Placed US$100M Commitment to New Launched HITSERIES FUND – QNT Press Release


The Tokyo-based cross-border startup delivering Growth-as-a-Service to their industry clients.

HITSERIES is providing DevOps, RevOps and EquityOps for Fortune 500 SaaS portfolios.

TANAAKK KK (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Shoichiro Tanaka, “TANAAKK”) announced US$100 million initial commitment to newly launched HITSERIES FUND investing Fortune Global 500 in-house SaaS startups and its related SaaS supply chain.


Shoichiro Tanakageneral partner of HITSERIES FUND has various cross-border investment experience with quite higher IRR record as compared to Cambridge Associates LLC US Venture Capital Index® gained 50.1% in FY2020. TANAAKK will set up “HITSERIES LPS”, Japan-legitimate fund with Shoichiro Tanaka as qualified institutional investor: incorporating under regulation of “Limited Partnership Act…

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