Sungrow is Listed in Forbes China’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies – QNT Press Release

HEFEI, China, Aug. 19, 2022 /CNW/ — Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage solution supplier for renewables, announced that it is listed in Forbes China’s Top 50 Most innovative companies and is the only inverter company listed. This honour reaffirms Sungrow’s years-long dedication to technological innovation and recognizes its continuous achievements in the renewable energy industry.

Referring to Innovation, Jack GuSungrow’s Super Vice President, expressed his thoughts during his dialogue with Forbes China the other day: “Solar inverters will still be the ‘Brain’ to manage modules and be able to detect and repair failures. In addition, as large-scale renewables connect to the grid, PV plants need actively support the grid, which requires the inverter to be more intelligent and competent to manage the system. What is more, when governmental subsidies to this industry decrease, PV plants must bring long-term benefits. Hence, Sungrow seeks to upgrade the inverter equipment with advanced algorithms and other innovative technologies so that they can help save the O&M costs, lower the LCOE and increase the overall ROI for all stakeholders.”

Sungrow’s innovative spirit is not only manifested in the solar inverter development but is inherited in its booming energy …

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