Stratasys launches all-in-one J5 MediJet medical 3D printer


The MediJet printer is designed for anatomical models, surgical guides and medical tools using sterilizable and biocompatible materials

Stratasys Limited company (NASDAQ stock code:SSYS) A medical 3D printer was launched today, which sets a new standard for healthcare providers and medical device companies by combining multiple applications in one system. The Stratasys J5 MediJet™ 3D printer has multiple materials and multi-color capabilities, enabling users to use approved third-party 510k clear segmentation software to create highly detailed 3D anatomical models and drilling and cutting guides. The guides and models are proven to be sterilizable and biocompatible, and the printer is economical and compact, suitable for small laboratory spaces.

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The J5 MediJet 3D printer uses a patented rotating build platform and fixed print head to maximize reliability and simplify maintenance. Compared with other 3D printers, the speed of MediJet 3D printers has increased by 30%. (Photo: Business Wire)

The J5 MediJet 3D printer is the latest product of Stratasys J5 Series™ printers and J5 DentaJet™ and J55™. In operation, it has a patented rotating build platform and a fixed print head. This is designed to maximize reliability and simplify maintenance. The system also provides more output with a smaller footprint. Compared with other 3D printers, the MediJet 3D printer is 30% faster and has a simple workflow, including automatic tray arrangement, correction, and support for the latest 3MF file format to simplify the connection with third-party segmentation and design software.

The new printer supports DraftWhite™ materials, suitable for affordable single-material applications, and a new range of flexible, rigid colors and transparent materials. The multi-material function supports a wide range of medical modeling applications in a platform suitable for office, thereby reducing outsourcing costs or the need for multiple printers.

“For small and medium-sized hospitals, we can access models and guides using a medical-specific 3D printer suitable for offices and at an affordable price, while ensuring easy disinfection, so you can bring the models directly into the operating room,” said Osnat Philipp, Stratasys’ Vice President of Healthcare . “We also believe that the J5 MediJet printer can help medical device companies bring new innovations to the market faster by providing models for medical device benchmarking and product demonstrations, and use the models to show the actual pathology that the device will treat.”

Everything is on a certified systemThe J5 MediJet printer has passed the certification of the leading 510K clear DICOM segmentation software package and can be used for clinical diagnosis. In addition, it can print biocompatible materials that are certified for limited contact with tissues and bones, permanent contact with intact skin (ISO 10993), and breathing gas pathways in healthcare applications (ISO 18562). MediJet models can also be sterilized using steam, gamma, and EtO methods specific to printing materials.

The J5 MediJet material and hardware manufacturing base has obtained ISO 13485 certification for the design and manufacturing of medical devices.

Printers and materials are now available.Learn more about the clinical and economic value of medical 3D printing on Stratasys website.

Stratasys It is leading the global transition to additive manufacturing, providing innovative 3D printing solutions for industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer products, and healthcare. Through smart connected 3D printers, polymer materials, software ecosystems and on-demand parts, Stratasys solutions have a competitive advantage at every stage of the product value chain. The world’s leading organizations turned to Stratasys to transform product designs, increase manufacturing and supply chain flexibility, and improve patient care.

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