Stellantis aims to increase its annual revenue by approximately 20 billion euros by 2030, driven by software vehicles – QNT Press Release


Amsterdam, December 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –

  • By 2026, annual revenue will be approximately 4 billion Euros, and by 2030 approximately 20 billion Euros, generated by products and subscriptions that support the software
  • Plan to invest more than 30 billion euros to implement software and electrification transformation by 2025
  • It is estimated that there will be 34 million monetizable connected cars by 2030, and by 2024, most new cars will be completely updated wirelessly
  • Three new artificial intelligence technology platforms will begin large-scale deployment in 2024: STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit and STLA AutoDrive
  • Establish strategic partnerships with leading companies such as BMW, Foxconn and Waymo to continue to promote innovation, improve efficiency and share expertise with Stellatis experts
  • There will be 4,500 software engineers by 2024, excluding partners, supported by specialized software academies

Starring in NV (Paris:STLA) Today has formulated a software strategy for the deployment of next-generation technology platforms, based on existing connected car functions, changing the way customers interact with cars, and generating an annual revenue increase of approximately 20 billion euros by 2030.

This transformation will transform Stellattis’ vehicles from today’s dedicated electronic architecture to an open software-defined platform that seamlessly integrates with customers’ digital lives. It greatly expands the options for customers to add innovative features and services through regular over-the-air (OTA) updates, keeping vehicles fresh, exciting and updated after many years of manufacturing.

“Our electrification and software strategy will support the transition to becoming a sustainable mobile technology company to lead the way, take advantage of related business growth and wireless capabilities and services, and provide our customers with the best experience,” said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis. “With three brand new, artificial intelligence-driven technology platforms coming out in 2024, deployed on four STLA vehicle platforms, we will take advantage of the speed and agility associated with the decoupling of hardware and software cycles.”

Stellantis plans to invest more than 30 billion euros by 2025 to execute its software and electrification transformation.

The Stellantis software strategy is closely related to the company’s vehicle electrification plan, see Electric Vehicle Day exist July 2021, Its goal is to exceed 70% of car sales in Europe And more than 40% of car sales America It will become a low-emission vehicle (LEV) by 2030. The company’s 14 iconic brands are committed to providing first-class all-electric solutions.

Establish additional strategic partnerships

In addition to turning off the mobile drive, the plan December 31, 2021, The new non-binding memorandum of understanding signed with Foxconn aims to design a series of dedicated microcontrollers to support Stellatis and third-party customers. The partnership aims to develop four chip series that will meet more than 80% of the company’s microcontroller needs and help greatly simplify the supply chain. The product will be adopted and installed in Stellattis vehicles by 2024.

Stellantis also continues to collaborate with Waymo on special projects. …

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