St. Vincent nurses strike for safer patient care reached 105 days on Sunday, becoming the second longest nurses strike in Massachusetts history – QNT Press Release

Worcester, Massachusetts, June 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – On Sunday, the nurses at St. Vincent’s Hospital will welcome their 105day The strike day is the second longest day for nurses to strike Massachusetts The longest nurses’ strike nationwide in history and more than a decade. Work stoppage to enter 15day A week in the historic struggle against nurses Dallas-Headquartered in Tenet Healthcare, a for-profit company, has spent more than 75 million USD* Extending the strike time-all of this is to avoid being responsible for providing safer patient care.

The St. Vincent nurses’ strike surpassed the 104-day work stoppage initiated by a nurse at Signature Brockton Hospital in 2001 and was the longest strike by a nurse at Burbank Hospital in the state. Fitchburg, Which lasted for six months in 1980.

As the strike dragged on, the nurses themselves remained committed to solving the problem of driving them to the streets. March 8day – The level of staffing needs to be appropriately increased to ensure the safety of patients in each ward and shift.

“While we are committed to stand up for our patients and communities, the duration of this strike demonstrates how tenant healthcare executives have chosen to redistribute a large amount of resources from the bedside over the past two years, thereby reducing the health and wellbeing of patients. Safety puts patients at great risk, especially during our country’s worst pandemic crisis,” said Dominique Malden, registered nurse, The long-term nurse of the hospital and the co-chair of the local negotiating unit with the Massachusetts Nurses Association.

Since Tenet made an improper decision last month to stop negotiations and threaten to permanently replace nurses, strikes have become more important, a move that stimulated the labor movement and increased regional and national interest in nurses.

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