Signifty All Set to Bring Social Impact to Mainstream Through NFTs – QNT Press Release

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Sept. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Signifty, an NFT platform launches its mission to bring Social Impact to mainstream through NFTs made by Celebrities. Up until now, NFTs have been viewed as a hyped digital art investment in addition to its integration with gaming. But one startup believes it’s found an untapped application for NFTs that’s more than just profit or amusement. Signifty insists there’s a place for NFTs within the philanthropic sector, where they can be leveraged to raise money for charitable causes, from environmental projects to humanitarian initiatives.

Signifty All Set to Bring Social Impact to Mainstream Through NFTs

And to achieve its goal, Signifty is collaborating with celebrities and famous personalities, whose sprinkling of stardust will transform the humble NFT into a vehicle for effecting positive change. Signifty intends to create a community of like-minded individuals trying to bring around meaningful changes in the world.

Art Meets Heart

The concept Signifty is pinning its platform on goes like this. Celebrities have philanthropic causes that are close to their heart. NFTs have an ability to form passionate communities around shared interests. Signifty wants to channel fan power into a potent force for social change through the use of ‘Missions.’ These are celeb-fronted campaigns approved by the project’s Good Deeds Center, …

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