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HANGZHOU, China, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shi Huian artist who works as professor at China Academy of Art, is also a PhD supervisor and Director of Institute of Contemporary Fiber Art.

Shi Hui was among the first group of artists who took up contemporary art in China during the 1980s. Maintaining constant affectionate with and working mainly in cotton, linen, and Xuan Paper, Shi hui sought to show us her recognition of a tacit fit between medium and soul as well as the belief that Chinese traditional media could regain value in the contemporary era. Within the schema of Chinese contemporary art, Shi hui’s artistic practice appears a unique visual identity. She transformed traditional weaving into the construction of visual space: the process of weaving, as a cumulative process of experience, has become a portrayal of ” post-modern animism”, presenting the underpinnings of the oriental spirit from the standpoint of contemporary art. Her works have been exhibited in many prominent nomination exhibitions and biennials at home and abroad and attracted widespread attention.

How can Chinese writing be presented by weaving?

In ancient times, Fuxi observed the signs of the sky and beasts, developed Eight Trigrams(bagua), and first created Chinese characters. It is documented that, as early as the Zhou Dynasty, pictographs have …

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