Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group Announces the Reorganization of its Corporate Structure and a New Social Metaverse – QNT Press Release

Shanghai, China, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Shanghai Siba Culture Media Group, which rebranded as the new Meta48 Holdings Ltd back in June, is representing the world’s largest youth idol girls group, the SNH48 Groupthe company is re-imagining itself and the future of entertainment to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

As Meta48 Holdings Ltd., the Chinese company is transitioning its focus to Web 3.0 and XR Internet while developing an open metaverse for the users; the goal is idol development. The virtual hub provides a platform and growth system for real and virtual idols and idols groups. The new social metaverse will facilitate interaction across the categories of entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and consumption.

The media group intends to combine its original business values ​​with the goals of the digital metaverse amidst its reorganization and rebranding. From the entertainment of fans to visual entertainment and new brand consumption, the integration of the Shanghai Siba’s long-held values ​​will remain unchanged as it steps into this new digital frontier.

Meta48 believes in becoming a globally-innovative enterprise group that combines an appreciation of technology with entertainment-based content creation and social interaction. Its slated meta-universe …

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