SeaSpine announces limited commercial release of WaveForm® L (lateral) 3D printed intervertebral system

Carlsbad, California, June 8, 2021 (Global News Service)–SeaSpine Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ:SPNE), a global medical technology company specializing in surgical solutions for the treatment of spinal diseases, today announced the limited commercial release of its 3D printed WaveForm L (transverse) intervertebral system.

WaveForm L is specifically designed for LLIF (lateral lumbar interbody fusion) surgery and seamlessly integrates with the entire Regatta NanoMetalene® lateral interbody fusion product portfolio, including the recently launched Regatta side plate. WaveForm L provides a fully porous interbody solution with graft holes, designed to accommodate a large number of SeaSpine’s first-class allograft demineralized bone matrix products OsteoStrand® and OsteoStrand® Plus.

“The WaveForm L implant from SeaSpine is one of the best new lateral fusion cages on the market,” said Douglas Orndorff, an orthopedic surgeon in Durango, Colorado. “It combines new 3D printing technology with amazing gyro geometry and optimal aperture fusion. In addition, it has a large internal hollow core that allows surgeons to put a large amount of orthopedic biomaterials into the core. This design can be used in A lot of bone fusion takes place throughout the cage.”

WaveForm L interbody provides a higher level of 3D printing architectural innovation, balancing key geometric and manufacturing advancements without compromising clinical requirements. WaveForm L utilizes innovative WaveForm technology to provide a highly porous and robust interbody solution. This design is designed to balance sink resistance, implant stiffness, and compressibility of orthopedic biological products, while maintaining radiographic image visualization during intraoperative and postoperative imaging.

“WaveForm L is our fourth entry into the 3D printed intervertebral space, and we plan to launch the fifth implant for ALIF (anterior lumbar intervertebral fusion) surgery in the coming months,” Dennis Cirino, Senior Vice President of Global Spine Systems Say. “This new lateral system is the accumulation of decades of experience in lateral intervertebral design and orthopedic biological products. It has achieved remarkable efficiency by sharing the same instruments with our existing Regatta system. Waveform L Its innovative extensive ability to pack orthopedic biologics in and around the graft hole can also maximize endplate contact without compromising strength or radiolucency. As we expand our procedural footprint, we are excited to continue to build our The WaveForm product portfolio.”

About SeaSpine
Ridge ( Is a global medical technology company focused on designing, developing and commercializing surgical solutions for the treatment of patients with spinal diseases. SeaSpine has a comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic biologics and spinal implant solutions, as well as a market-leading surgical navigation system to meet the different product combinations required by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons to perform fusion surgery on the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine . SeaSpine’s orthopedic biological products include a variety of advanced and traditional bone graft substitutes designed to improve the rate of bone fusion after various orthopedic surgeries, including spinal, hip and limb surgeries. SeaSpine’s spinal implant product portfolio includes a broad product line to facilitate spinal fusion in minimally invasive degenerative surgery (MIS) and complex spinal deformity surgery. SeaSpine’s expertise in orthopedic biosciences and spinal implants, software and advanced optical product development enables SeaSpine to provide its surgeon clients with differentiated product portfolios and complete solutions to meet their integration requirements . SeaSpine currently sells its products in the United States and approximately 30 countries around the world through a growing network of exclusive distribution partners.

Forward-looking statements
SeaSpine reminds you that the statements contained in this press release that are not described as historical facts are forward-looking statements based on the company’s current expectations and assumptions. Such forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements related to: the number of additional launches the company plans to conduct in the 3D printed intervertebral space this year; the design of WaveForm L and its balance of key geometrical and Ability to make advancements; and WaveForm technology to provide highly porous and robust intervertebral solutions with a proper balance of sink resistance, implant stiffness, and compressibility of orthopedic biological products, while imaging during and after surgery During this period, the radiographic images are kept visible. Factors that may cause or contribute to material discrepancies. There are risks and uncertainties between the company’s actual results and the expectations indicated in the forward-looking statements, including but not limited to: unexpected expenses and delays, including due to the development and support of new product launches, such as Waveform L. Newly launched products may require a large amount of additional development activities, which may cause further costs and delays, or delays due to timely obtaining of regulatory approvals; Newly launched products (such as WaveForm L) will perform as designed and expected and meet The capabilities required by surgeons and patients, including results due to the lack of substantial clinical validation of the product after a limited commercial (or “alpha”) launch; more comprehensive in the company’s press releases and periodic filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission Describe other risks and uncertainties.The company’s public documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission are available at the following website

You are reminded not to rely too much on forward-looking statements, which are only effective from the date they are made. SeaSpine does not intend to modify or update any forward-looking statements set forth in this press release to reflect events or circumstances that occur after the date of this press release, unless required by law.

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