Roger N. Wright’s new book "Genevieve" A fun read, a hypothetical family holiday takes two brothers to a time before theirs – QNT Press Release

Prospect, Pennsylvania., January 12, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Roger N. Leight, an outdoor enthusiast with a keen interest in American history and genealogy, has completed his new book, Genevieve: A Fascinating Time Travel Novel of the Cruelty of War. Two brothers from the modern age are transported into a world where survival is considered a privilege.

Leight shared: “Genevieve is the first book in the series that makes up the Time Gate series of stories. The story begins with two brothers who grew up close but separated as they got older. They were separated by their father , but something goes wrong in an innocent holiday reunion that sends the characters back to the days of France and India…

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