Riskified joins the Shopify Plus certified app to increase support for Shopify merchants, increase revenue and reduce costs

new York, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Risky, The leading fraud prevention solution provider announced today that they have joined the Shopify Plus Certified Application Program to provide a money-back guarantee for Shopify Plus business merchants. The announcement is the next step in the relationship between Riskified and Shopify. Initially, they collaborated in 2012 to help merchants of all sizes increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experience by better identifying legitimate customers.

Business businesses that rely on Shopify Plus for sales anywhere will increase their sales and reduce costs after using Riskified. Riskified helps merchants understand whether to accept or reject orders in real time. By reviewing each transaction and comparing it to previous orders in the global merchant network, Riskified can spot fraudsters and identify their strategies in a pattern that individual merchants will never be able to do.

“Shopify Plus businesses may face a series of challenges as they expand, from the complexity of cross-border expansion to changing fraud patterns, Riskified can help,” said Aaron Pratt, Vice President of Global Partnerships, Riskified“Starting today, Shopify Plus merchants can use Riskified Chargeback Guarantee, which ensures that Shopify Plus merchants will never pay fraudulent fees for Riskified approved orders; merchants can confidently expand their business because they know they are anywhere with their customers To provide their customers with the least friction for online purchases, the responsibility for fraud has been transferred to Riskified.”

Riskified is currently working with dozens of well-known Shopify merchants, including Gymshark and Steve Madden. Shopify Plus certification means that Riskified has passed the scrutiny of the performance, support, and security required by business merchants. Shopify Plus merchants can now choose to risk and immediately receive a decision about whether to approve customer orders. Riskified is pre-integrated with Shopify Plus, which means merchants can enable Riskified’s money-back guarantee solution without additional development resources.

“The Shopify Plus certified app is designed to meet the advanced requirements of the fastest growing brands in the world,” said Fatima Yusuf, Shopify Partner Director“We are very happy to welcome Riskified to the program and bring their insights and experience in fraud prevention to the Plus merchant community.”

Riskified’s solutions can be customized to meet the needs of any Shopify Plus merchant. Merchants can submit any order of their choice for review, from specific order subdivisions or geographic regions to full orders. In addition to preventing fraud, Riskified also provides solutions to prevent account takeover attacks, recover lost revenue due to payment failures, and increase authorization rates.to know more information https://pages.riskified.com/shopify/.

About risk

Riskified enables businesses to realize the full potential of e-commerce by making them secure, accessible, and frictionless. We have built a next-generation platform that allows online merchants to establish trusting relationships with their consumers. Using machine learning benefiting from a global merchant network, our platform can identify the individual behind each online interaction and help merchants (our customers) eliminate risks and uncertainties in their business. We increase sales and reduce fraud and other operating costs for merchants, and provide an excellent consumer experience.Look www.riskified.com

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