Restore Build Grow Opportunity Zone Fund (RBG) is now looking for investors for high-tech manufacturing, innovative technology, indoor agriculture, labor and transitional housing – QNT Press Release


Dover, Del., December 24, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRNewswire/ – Resuming the establishment of the Growth Opportunity Zone Fund (RBG) It is now seeking qualified investors for high-tech manufacturing, innovative technology, indoor agriculture, labor and transitional housing.This fund is authorized to raise 50,000,000 USD In the A round of financing.

RBG Opportunity Zone Fund

The mission and influence of the RBG Opportunity Zone Fund is to create and develop opportunity zone real estate and enterprises by investing in low- and middle-income areas, and to take advantage of the significant tax benefits provided by the Tax Cuts and Employment Act to restore, build and develop local communities. Passed by the U.S. Congress in 2017. The selected portfolio companies will have strong investment themes and meaningful social and environmental impacts, including sustainable labor and affordable housing, to promote economic growth and community reconstruction. The fund’s commercial investments will focus on new technologies in product solutions, targeting unmet large-scale consumer, commercial and industrial market demands. By combining a strong basic investment argument, the significant federal and state tax benefits of the Opportunity Zone program, and other stackable federal and state tax programs, investors will now have the opportunity to maximize their investment returns.

RBG’s approach to strategic investments in businesses and real estate will have a positive economic trickle effect, increase demand and availability for local employment and businesses, increase property value, and reduce crime.

The target geographic area includes Delaware, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

RBG Fund’s targeted business investment will be in the field of high-tech manufacturing to achieve disruptive product solutions through innovation and patented technology. This includes:

-Azentive, LLC’s green lighting technology simulates real indoor sunlight to achieve fully regenerated food growth California and New Jersey.
-World-changing technology in collaboration with Noitavonne™ Inc., located in the center of Black Wallstreet Tulsa, Oklahoma.
-Cooperate with the founder Your water Use cutting-edge technology platforms for live broadcast and e-commerce.

RBG Fund’s targeted real estate investment will be in the areas of labor, affordable and transitional housing, for average income (AMI) families, veterans, the disabled, neurosis and the elderly, as well as aging young people , And re-entry population. This includes:

-Innovative mixed-use economical housing development
-Commercial and/or residential land near the transportation hub
-Retail and commercial office space
-Support service
-Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, etc.
-5G broadband

We are also evaluating potential investment opportunities in advanced nanomaterials, battery design and engineering, and battery manufacturing technology. In view of the explosive growth of electric vehicles and the rapid spread of wind and solar power generation worldwide, the demand for lithium-ion batteries will increase exponentially in the next 10 years to power electric vehicles and store wind and solar energy.

Opportunity zone tax incentives

The opportunity zone aims to stimulate economic development by providing tax incentives for investors. First, investors can defer taxes on any capital gains previously deposited into a Qualified Opportunity Area Fund (QOF) for up to five years. Then, after five years, due to the “10% Step Up Basis”, they only need to pay 90% of the original deposit amount tax. In addition, the 90% deferred tax will only be assessed at the current tax rate of 23.5%, so higher capital gains tax rates in the future may be avoided.

Finally, after the stipulated minimum period of ten years, the initial amount deposited plus all accrued interest on QOF property (real estate and commercial stocks) can then be withdrawn from QOF completely tax-free.


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