Regional Development’s 16th Annual Gold and Silver Shovel Awards recognize 2020 state and local economic development efforts

Regional Development, This leading publication covering site selection and facility planning awards 20 states with Gold and Silver Shovel Awards, which are awarded annually to states that have achieved the greatest success in creating new jobs and investing in corporate capital. Five population categories of states—Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, and Kansas—were awarded the Golden Shovel Award in recognition of their job creation/investment projects starting in 2020. In particular, Alabama, Indiana and Michigan received the Golden Shovel Award for their manufacturing achievements. Silver Shovel was awarded to 12 other states.

Although the 2020 COVID-19 crisis has caused many projects to “suspend”, our annual shovel award recognizes the adoption of innovative policies, infrastructure improvements and other processes to attract new employers, as well as investments in expanded facilities.

Every one of the 50 states is invited Regional Development Submit information about its top 10 job creation and investment projects. Only consider those projects that will be implemented in 2020. Based on the number of high-value-added jobs per capita, the amount of investment, the number of new facilities, and the diversity of the industry, the Shovel Award is awarded to the state with the highest weighted score.

Only compare states with other states in their population hierarchy. This year, Silver Shovel was awarded to Florida (12+ million); Georgia, Ohio and Virginia (8+ to 12 million); Missouri, South Carolina and Tennessee (5 to 8 million); Arkansas, Connecticut States and Louisiana (with a population of 3 to 5 million); and Idaho and Mississippi (with a population of 3 million or less).

Six projects were named “Manufacturing Projects of the Year” for the number of jobs and investments they created: Tesla (TX), CREE Wolfspeed (NY), Ultium Cells (OH), Taiwan Semiconductor (AZ), Gröns (LA) and Northrop Grumman (UT). Five projects are recognized as “non-manufacturing projects of the year”: Centene (NC), Microsoft (GA), Microsoft (VA), Accenture (MO) and Netflix (NM).

The report on the 2021 Shovel Award winners was published in the second quarter of 2021 Regional Development with Published online at

Regional Development Published quarterly, and also maintains several highly visited websites, these websites can pass

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