QBE North America and Leading Cities Select the 2022 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challenge Winner – QNT Press Release

Plastic Waste Sustainability Company Automedi to Receive $100,000

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 2022 QBE AcceliCITY Resilience Challengehosted by Leading Cities in partnership with QBE North Americaconcluded today with the City Solution of the Year award and grand prize winnings of $100,000 presented to Automedi. Automedi is the world’s first decentralized circular microeconomy converting plastic waste into community products at the actual point of use. By capturing waste when it is discarded and turning it into functional products, Automedi is committed to shaping new standards of care through health science innovation and paving the way to a more sustainable future.

According to Greenpeace, US households discarded 51 million tons of plastic waste in 2021, of which almost 95% ended up in landfills, oceans or scattered in the atmosphere. If this pattern continues, global plastic use and waste will nearly triple by 2060, with only a meager increase in plastic recycling, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

“Congratulations to Automedi! We are so impressed with your progress in tackling one of the world’s biggest environmental problems and look forward to following your future innovations and achievements,” said QBE North America CEO, Todd Jones. “Building more resilient and sustainable communities is at the heart of our company purpose, and we are proud to sponsor this challenge with Leading Cities for the fourth year in a row and hope to continue this important partnership for years to come.”

The $100,000 award was presented following a one-week intensive boot camp and panel evaluation from representatives of the QBE North America Board, Code for America, QBE Ventures and the National League of Cities. The champion startup also will be the feature of the upcoming AcceliGOV program, where cities from around the world compete to win a pre-paid pilot program of this treatment solution.

“Thank you to QBE North America for its inspiring leadership and focus on resilience and for once again supporting this challenge. Plastic stays in our environment for ages, spreading toxins and threatening our wildlife, the environment and humanity as a…

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