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PT Also known as Prasant Rividi Wrote a masterpiece that can enlighten mankind for generations. P’s song It has been translated into 11 languages, representing the core essence of contemporary Vedic knowledge and wisdom. This is the most sacred scripture in the world. It explains the ultimate truth of life and existence in the most condensed and clear form.

Anyone who has read this book will have a new vision. All the questions that most of us have, such as “What is love? What is God? What is the purpose of life?” Explained in a simple, straightforward and poetic way, as well as on society, parents, depression, music, interpersonal relationships, Deep insights into the afterlife, food, etc. There are answers to all the questions that so-called pop masters cannot answer, as well as answers to questions that have never been solved in such a direct way before.

I can only praise the author for his understanding of life and his ability to present life in a way that suits the chaotic background of this era. With every page turned, people not only have to face the cruel and cruel facts, but also the fascinating, surprising and educational genius and wit. PT eliminates all lies and hypocrisy, allowing us to clearly understand our position as a human being and the meaning of correct behavior.

In addition to PT’s in-depth observations, it also provides practical solutions to help people evolve spiritually and ultimately bring true happiness.

About PT

Prashant Trivedi is a respected expert in Vedic knowledge and is recognized by many as the only expert. IIT graduate and published writer/musician, he travels extensively. He is closely related to nature, and nature responds to his internal continuity. He has given many public lectures on the Internet, TV, radio and conferences all over the world. He teaches the importance of connecting and respecting nature and being self-centered in order to achieve internal and external consistency. His teaching on meditation is different from all previous meditation schools and teachers. PT tirelessly communicates that people should want their own happiness, and everyone can achieve this goal regardless of situation, age, health, race, etc.

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About Lotus Ocean Australia

Lotus Ocean Australia is a subsidiary of Lotus Ocean based in London, England. Lotus Ocean is an internationally renowned Vedic and meditation teaching program, currently offering courses in the United Kingdom, Australia, Poland, India, Nepal, France, Albania, the United States, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Italy. Founded in 2006, Lotus Ocean has hosted hundreds of conferences and lectures on Vedic science through numerous online portals, radio, television, and spiritual festivals in Europe, India, and the United States. In 2020, the teachings of the Lotus Ocean will be broadcast on Nepal’s National Television, Mumbai’s Hathway 125 and Shraddha (All India Vedic Channel).

P’s giTa is now available for purchase at major online retailers such as Amazon, Waterstones, and Abe Books.

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