PotlatchDeltic acquires Timberlands in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana – QNT Press Release


PotlatchDeltic Company (NASDAQ:PCH) Today announced the merger with Loutre Land and Timber Company (“Loutre”). PotlatchDeltic issued 1.96 million shares of common stock and assumed $6.6 million in debt in exchange for Loutre’s 51,340 acres of high-quality woodland in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana.

The main attributes of Loutre Woodland:

  • Inventory level of approximately 90 tons per acre

  • The average age of the wood is greater than 40 years

  • Sawn timber accounts for approximately 70% of timber inventory

  • Highly integrated with PotlatchDeltic’s existing woodland and sawmill

  • The estimated annual average EBITDDA for the first 10 years is 8.5 million U.S. dollars, and the annual average capital expenditure is 600,000 U.S. dollars

Eric Cremers, President and CEO of PotlatchDeltic, said: “Loutre is an attractive add-on acquisition that enhances our existing woodland footprint in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana.” “We know the market very well and when When we process mature wood at the Waldo and Warren sawmills in Arkansas, our integrated operating model will create additional value. Loutre also adds to our stable cash flow, which is the key to sustainably increasing regular dividends over time. “Mr. Kramers said.

“Loutre has a long and rich history, dating back to 1907,” said President and CEO Jeff Nolan…

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