"Policy choices before disasters" Become the subject of the Resilience Advantage webinar – QNT Press Release

angel, July 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The policies needed before earthquakes and other disasters occur will be discussed by a panel of experts California Legislators, urban construction officials, housing and community experts, and disaster preparedness leaders Flexibility advantage Internet Conference June 16, Sponsored by Optimum Seismic, Inc.

There have been record small earthquakes across the country in recent months, and the upcoming wildfire season is expected to be made worse by a record drought and the tragic collapse of a 12-story apartment. Florida, All of which indicate the need for greater flexibility.

In this context, government officials, business leaders, architects, structural engineers, community planners, and owners urgently need to work together to make buildings, businesses, and communities more resistant to earthquakes and other disasters.

Improving building resilience requires public education and policies to balance safety, protect the economy, and improve costs. Community leaders and public policy experts will discuss ways to achieve this goal. The group will also discuss financial incentives—loan practices, insurance discounts, tax and fee reductions, and other measures—that can incentivize and reward owners to invest in flexibility.

These webinars are…

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