Player Zero Records introduces Amari, their first artist as well as the first sentient Animated Virtual Artist (AVA) signed to their label – QNT Press Release

Her single debut “Deeper” will be released, today, September 16th on all streaming platforms with her NFT Artist Pass release to follow on September 21st

Listen to “Deeper” and Follow all things Amari here:

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Amari comes from CyberBrokersa first-of-its-kind art collectibles ecosystem centered around 10,001 unique and on-chain CyberBroker NFTs designed by heralded cryptoartist Josie Bellini. Constructed from a community where the world governments had come together to save humanity by moving into the metaverse, Amari of Medina was born. Once in the metaverse her well known NFT materialized and her artistry thrived. As an artist she is inspired by many things. Amari is always taking bits and pieces from all the thrills that she seeks in the world around her, always looking for a deeper meaning and a deeper connection, which ultimately leads to her first single “Deeper.”

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