Place Your Bets — XT.COM’s World Cup 2022 Prediction Market Is Here – QNT Press Release

SINGAPORE, Nov. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From landing a partnership with a well-known cryptocurrency platform to rolling out an NFT collection, and unveiling web3 games, the crypto space is high with the FIFA fever. This only proves that blockchain technology has disrupted different sectors — with the sports industry at the forefront of this change.

Similar to other A-list brands celebrating the FIFA season, — the world’s first socially-infused exchange — launched its official World Cup-related campaign on November 15, 2022.Introducing the World Cup 2022 Prediction Market feature where you can show your support for your favorite team.

“I’m Interested. But What is a Prediction Market?”

The World Cup 2022 Prediction Market is based on the zero-sum game, which in game theory states that one person’s game is equal to another’s loss. Therefore, the net change in benefit is zero. Other games that fall into this category include chess, poker, and bridge. In fact, the first prediction market in the space was centered around the …

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