PitPat became the Thanksgiving gift that made online running trendy – QNT Press Release

HOUSTON, Nov. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PitPat is an online race running app, launched by the JOYFIT team last year that allows thousands of people to run online every day. Founders of PitPat say this will be the best form of race running in the era of the pandemic , making race running at home a reality. Give it to your friends as a Thanksgiving gift and start an online running race with them.

Traditional treadmills only have basic training functions, such as a display screen and training sessions, as well as real-time monitoring of data during running. Such treadmills offer only individual training programs, not other forms of advice for groups or groups. new running experience. It can be connected to the app through the treadmill. Users can log in to PitPat and use various functions provided by the software to make the running behavior no longer monotonous.

PitPat has three sections: social, training and competition. By logging in to the…

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