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Carson City, Nevada, December 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., (OTC PINKS: PHBI), today released the second management update form CEO Peter VosickToday’s update provides more information about the company’s strategy to transform the revenue potential of its proprietary intellectual property into realized revenue. You can view the first update and the following link:

Pharmagreen taps the income potential of proprietary cannabis tissue culture technology assets

The full text of today’s update is as follows:

CEO Peter Wojcik strategy update

The transformation of Pharmagreen’s revenue potential from its proven intellectual property assets will build on the executive talent that has already gathered in Pharmagreen, transforming the cannabis industry by making Pharmagreen’s proprietary organizational training the industry standard for industrial growth operations .

Pharmagreen has a proprietary tissue culture process called “Chibafreen” that can be applied to the cannabis industry to improve the scalability of industrial planting operations while maintaining genetic purity and improving quality production.

Check out the update I posted last week to learn more about our Chibafreen proprietary process.

As the CEO of Pharmagreen, I am approaching the cannabis industry with Chibafreen as an agent of economic change in the cannabis industry. Yes, Chibafreen is a differentiating factor for Pharmagreen as a proprietary technology, but its value will be realized and monetized through its potential to positively impact the economy of the cannabis industry by improving efficiency.

I bring profound economics knowledge and experience to Pharmagreen, and I use this knowledge and experience to develop a strong business strategy for Pharmagreen.I am a University of Regina alum,…

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