PAWSOME 3D NFT Metaverse Game Launches on Qi Blockchain in Dogtober – QNT Press Release

London, UK, Oct. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The gaming industry is bigger than the music and film industries combined. Until the discovery of NFTs, users weren’t able to own their in-game items or trade them on a secondary market. Thus, any in-game purchases were of no value as soon as the player lost interest. NFTs have opened a whole new world of opportunities in gaming. Users can now re-sell their in-game items or rent them out to other players at a fee. And that’s what PAWSOME 3D, a newly released game, offers, along with a fun-filled gaming experience.

Pawsome is a 3D animated metaverse game built on the Qi (pronounced Chie) blockchain with native currency QIE. Pawsome allows users to mint 10,000 Unique first-generation dogs on the blockchain, each with unique attributes. Users can increase these attributes by purchasing items in the in-game Pet Store and challenging friends or other players to compete for QIE cryptocurrency in online races. Each dog is a unique Non-fungible token or NFT on QI Blockchain and can`t be duplicated, as is the …

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