Paribus (PBX) Announces Multichain Integration and Partnership – QNT Press Release

MIAMI, FL, Aug 25, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – As our regular readers know we’ve been using the extra time our testnet deployment afforded us to equip Paribus with the optimal conditions for our mainnet launch. As part of that process, we’re absolutely thrilled to share with the community that we’ve partnered with Multichain so that our PBX token can now be bridged to Arbitrum, Milkomeda, and Polygon.

Cross-chain interoperability has always been at the heart of everything we hope to achieve and it’s incredible that we’ve already reached this milestone. Development teams from both Paribus and Multichain have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this move, going above and beyond our wildest expectations.

Multichain is a leader in terms of security, cross-chain speed, and costs. Since its foundation, it has evolved from a 1:1 cross-chain bridge to an innovative cross-chain router system that interconnects multiple chains. It offers an advanced and real-time Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP) system that supports the interoperability of tokens, NFTs, and general data across multiple chains.

For PBX holders the minimum volume required for a cross-chain transaction through the router is between 2,847 PBX and 9,412 PBX depending on which chain the bridge is between. Likewise, …

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