Parents who have lost loved ones create a non-profit organization to fight the fentanyl epidemic – QNT Press Release

Pasadena, California, July 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Mary and Ed Tenan, His 22-year-old son Charlie died of fentanyl poisoning after taking fake prescription drugs, today announced their family-run non-profit organization “Charlie’s song“A national social media campaign will be launched to educate young people about “hidden dangers”Fentaipine“(Fake prescription drugs made of fentanyl sold on the Internet).

Parents who have lost loved ones work with social media companies to alert teenagers to deadly counterfeit drugs made from fentanyl

The initiative is entitled “One pill can kill,” is the result of the unique cooperation between Charlie’s song And original social media platforms content, Digital advertising, with PSAs Runs on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.Ads direct viewers to take No random pills!Guarantee.

“We need to remind the children as soon as possible,” the co-founder said Ed Tenan“This requires the cooperation of social media platforms, because the Internet is where children connect-so our strategy is to get them actively involved. We need to make social media our allies, not our opponents.”

Fentanyl is a cheap and powerful opioid. It is the main driver of the sharp increase in drug deaths in the past year, according to CDC. It is also the active ingredient in fentai pills and has now been Found in all 50 states, According to the non-profit organization, the death toll has been reported in 42 states Safe Drug Partnership.

“We are in a race against time,” the co-founder said Mary Tenan“We want to share this important information, so no parents will experience what we have experienced. If we can…

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