Optime Care provides a comprehensive patient-first Humatin care plan to maximize the efficacy of Humatin™ in the treatment of intestinal amebiasis – QNT Press Release

Best care, A nationally recognized pharmacy, distribution, and patient management organization that maximizes treatment opportunities for orphans and rare diseases, announces the availability of Humatin™ (Paromomycin Sulfate) Pass completely whole-heartedlyThis patient-first medication management plan optimizes the benefits of Humatin for patients with acute and chronic intestinal amoebiasis.Download the provider toolkit Here.

Donovan Quill, President and CEO of Optime Care, said: “Doctors play an important role in educating patients about the diseases, symptoms and benefits of Humatin. That’s why we are working with them to help maximize the treatment of intestinal amebiasis. Treatment opportunities… “For patients, our dedicated Humatin Total Care coordinator works…

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