OpenSSF Announces 15 New Members To Further Strengthen Open Source Software Supply Chain Security – QNT Press Release

Expands core working groups ahead of OpenSSF Day

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) a cross-industry organization hosted at the Linux Foundation that brings together the world’s most important software supply chain security initiatives, today announced 15 new members from leading software development, cybersecurity, financial services, communications, and academic sectors.

This round of commitments is led by two new premier members, Atlassian and Sonatype, who will join the OpenSSF governing board . New general member commitments come from Arnica, Bloomberg, Comcast, Cycode, F5 Networks, Futurewei Technologies, Legit Security, Sectrend, SUSE and Tenable.

“We are thrilled to welcome Atlassian and Sonatype, two companies who play critical roles in modern software development and security, to the OpenSSF governing board”, Brian BehlendorfGeneral Manager at OpenSSF. “Open source software supply chain attacks threaten the very foundations of innovation that billions of people rely upon. Our 15 new members join a growing community of organizations, developers, researchers, and security professionals that are investing time and resources required to respond in this constantly evolving threat landscape.”

Open source software has become the foundation on which our digital economy is built. As noted in the Linux Foundation’s 2022 Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) and Cybersecurity Readiness report, 98% of organizations use open source regularly. The same study revealed that 72% of organizations are very or extremely concerned about software security. Recent vulnerabilities, such as the one impacting Log4j, have caused many organizations to prioritize software supply chain security and realize the need to be fully abreast of the open source ecosystem, as well as contributing to it. From governments to businesses, open source security has been brought to the top of the agenda as a priority issue to address and as a result, OpenSSF is seeing membership rise at a rapid pace.

The latest commitments follow a productive period for OpenSSF in which the foundation expanded its core working groups to include Securing Software Repositories. This group aims to improve cybersecurity practices where developers download open source packages most often.

Furthermore, on June 20ththe foundation will host a full day of sessions at OpenSSF Day. Presentations, delivered by working group leaders, will include subjects such as Best Practice Badges and Other Good Practices, Three Things Your Open Source Project Must Consider, and Securing Critical Projects. The day will conclude with a panel discussion on the Future of Securing Open Source Software. Registration and attendance are free for all those attending the Open Source Summit conference.

Premier Member Quotes

“Open source software is critical to so many of the tools and applications that are used by thousands of development teams worldwide. Consequently, the security of software supply chains has been elevated to the top of most organizations’ priorities in the wake of recent high- profile vulnerabilities in open source software. Only through concerted efforts by…

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