One World Universe will add its first Metaverse estate to Decentraland 3D virtual platform – QNT Press Release

Three connected parcels strategically located near Decentraland’s fashion district

Huntington Beach, Calif., January 14, 2022 (Global News) – via new media – One World Universe, Inc. (OTC:OWUV), a public company that invests in sports-related businesses, distressed assets, business opportunities in emerging industries, and provides humanitarian work in over 185 countries through its subsidiary Metaverse Holding Corp., will buy 3 in Decentraland 3D Virtual Connected LAND plot platform.

“These three connected virtual parcels are located near the highly sought-after fashion district. As we know in real estate, everything is about time and place, and place, place and many fashion brand companies see the virtual world as a A welcome new source of income As the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years has seen the workforce shift to “work from home”, social activities, travel and gatherings have also been disrupted, resulting in fewer new clothes being purchased by individuals. Metaverse wearables or “skins” for Designer brands offer a huge opportunity for users’ avatars to market virtual clothing. The upcoming fashion week in late March will have well-known fashion houses bringing huge visibility to metavers and increasing traffic to our newly purchased real clothing. OWUV Investments said Dana Salzarulo, Director of Human Relations.

The company plans to partner with or develop packages and open stores for companies looking to market its designer brands and market their product lines. Decentraland will create a 3D shopping experience…

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