Omni Crypto Wallet Integrates With Ledger: Crypto’s Most Accessible Wallet Levels Up Its Security Options – QNT Press Release

Omni has integrated with the leading hardware wallet brand Ledger to provide best in class security options to its users. Ledger has been making hardware wallets since 2014, and with millions of crypto investors using Ledger, it’s the most widely trusted hardware wallet in the industry.

Shad Haque of Ledger told Benzinga, "Omni, by far, is one of the best-looking mobile wallets we’ve tested for our integration. It immediately became one of my go-to wallets on mobile thanks to its multi-packed features without compromising on the intuitiveness of the app."

With blockchain adoption still in its infancy, user-interfaces are still difficult for the average user, especially in a multichain environment. Multichain refers to an ecosystem with several blockchains being used––distinct blockchains generally operate in siloed ecosystems, forcing users to manage separate wallets, applications, and portfolios.

Crypto’s brightest minds are currently attempting to solve the problem of interoperability in a multichain environment. Multichain cryptocurrency wallet Omni has done just that, supporting over 25 chains and hundreds of applications from one streamlined application.


Another barrier for many crypto users is wallet management. Software wallets offer better usability, but they are more susceptible to social engineering attacks, as they’re connected to the internet. Regarded as the safest way to store crypto, hardware wallets store users’ private keys offline, making it incredibly more difficult for hackers to steal our digital assets.

Serafin Lion Engel, Founder and CEO of Omni, commented on the recent integration with Ledger and its benefit to users:

“Omni is…

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