Now Available: Maurya Sevak releases new single, "liar" (Original edit) – QNT Press Release

New York, January 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – Energetic. Futurism. dream. Electronic dance music DJ and producer music, Peacock Sevak, aiming for the Milky Way with soaring melodies and powerful rhythms. Maurya Sevak’s The latest version of “Liar” (original edit) is now available.

“Liar” is a big-room, futuristic orgy track full of energy and emotion, with angelic vocals paired with vibrant synths. Turn up the volume and rock your body in motion as the uplifting vibe of “Liar” takes music lovers away, up and away. Sevak’s meticulously choreographed instrumental takes off and matches the vocals, making “Liar” a heady trance tune.

Say Peacock Sevak When it was released, “The idea of ​​’Liar’ was to use an arpeggiated lead on a future rave synth patch. I lowered the tempo and started looking for a euphoric, dreamy melody. Near the end, I added 303 Acid from the Serum synth. The patch is playing in the alternative. I have a crazy reaction to future binge…

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