Novogene America Launches a New Single-Cell Lab in San Jose. CA, Based on Chromium Platform Powered by 10x Genomics® – QNT Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — High-throughput sequencing methods mainly based on Illumina platforms have benefited the entire field of biology for more than a decade. The opportunity to provide researchers with an unprecedented insight into the transcriptional landscape of cells by using RNA sequencing (RNA- seq) has boosted many important discoveries. However, RNA-seq is generally performed in bulk, which measures average gene expression levels based on thousands to millions of cells without distinguishing each cell. Benefited from cutting-edge Next GEM technology powered by 10x Genomics® , single-cell RNA-seq makes it possible to identify each single cell from a pool of cells by partitioning each cell into a separate microdroplet called GEM (Gel Bead-In EMulsion) and labeling each single cell with unique cell barcode, each mRNA transcript with UMI (unique molecular identifier), which can be traced via bioinformatic data analysis.

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