NFT Adopts 1200 Trees: Shanghai Electric’s Zero Carbon Campaign Comes to a Successful Conclusion – QNT Press Release

SHANGHAI, Oct. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shanghai Electric‘s Go! 0 Carbon Walker public service campaign launched on World Walking Day has recently come to a successful conclusion.

The campaign encouraged the public to walk rather than drive and, by doing so, help to make a low-carbon future a possibility. Every 2,000 steps completed by a participant represented one of the firm’s zero-carbon projects, turning on a light on a designated signboard. Once every one of the lights had been turned on, a lucky draw was held, with one participant receiving a complimentary prize.

Another feature of the campaign was that the first 1,200 attendees who completed 20,000 steps during the event will be joining Shanghai Electric in Yan’an, a city in China’s Shaanxi province. Here, they will witness the value of the online environmental initiative when they plant the exclusive Zero-Carbon Tree as a genuine opportunity to participate in low-carbon practices.

As an inseparable part of what it means to adhere to ESG principles, efforts in the public sector are key to social progress, with a broad and profound impact on both nature and society.

Responding to the Chinese government’s mission to reach the carbon peak by 2030 …

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