Joined by special guest star Camille Cottinthe two acolytes show once again how far they are ready to go for the unforgettable taste of a Nespresso coffee.

VEVEY, Switzerland, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eight years after their first on-screen encounter, George Clooney and Jean Dujardin reunite in Nespresso’s latest action-packed TV ad sequel ‘How far would you go for Nespresso?’ This time, the dynamic duo is joined by Jean Dujardin’s screen friend and highly talented Camille Cottin – who makes her Nespresso debut. In this brilliantly entertaining and comedic film, the superstars come together to show the world that Nespresso coffee’s tastes so exceptional that they would do anything to have it, posing the question on everyone’s lips – how far would you go for the unforgettable taste of a Nespresso coffee?

Debuting from 15 November in more than 20 European countries, the new campaign is an evolution of the original 2014 ad, but this time we see George Clooney offering to make Jean Dujardin a Nespresso coffee only for him to quickly realise he only has one coffee capsule left. With impeccable comedy timing all round, George Clooney mischievously pulls the rug from under Jean Dujardin to get his hands on the last capsule before it flies out of the window onto Camille Cottin’s balcony. The duo needs to join forces to reclaim the capsule – with Jean Dujardin lowering George Clooney down the side of the building in a wicker chair to Camille Cottin’s apartment. In a plot twist, the tables quickly turn as Camille Cottin must retrieve her freshly brewed Nespresso coffee, cheekily stolen by George Clooney. How will it end?

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Although, spoiler alert – Camille Cottin reminds George Clooney to recycle his aluminium capsule – something Nespresso champions as part of its commitment to giving the world exceptional coffee with an unforgettable taste in a responsible way.

Speaking on the new film, George Clooney says: “We had a…

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