Nebula brand, No. 1 in China "Trasio" Launch on Amazon – QNT Press Release

New York City, New York, July 17, 2021 (Global News Service)-Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been struggling for more than a year since the beginning of COVID. And Amazon, just like its name, still maintains a strong vitality and has become a must-have store for consumers during the epidemic. Companies that sell mostly unbranded, well-reviewed products on the Amazon marketplace are being acquired by companies that aim to integrate these Amazon sellers. These well-funded acquirers are called Amazon aggregators and are committed to acquiring the Amazon brand, integrating the brands and helping the portfolio grow globally. So far, Aggregators has raised more than US$6 billion, and leading company Thrasio has accumulated more than US$1.75 billion for deployment.

China is the most prominent supplier for Amazon sellers. Up to now, 63% of Amazon’s top sellers are from China, and one-third of them are in Shenzhen. In 2019, the Nebulas brand was established in Shenzhen, the most active city in China for cross-border e-commerce. Starting from a cross-border e-commerce financial technology platform, Nebulas has accumulated a deep understanding of Amazon’s business model with its strong data processing and modeling capabilities. In 2020, Nebulas will start the third-party brand acquisition business, which is the first in China to adopt the “aggregation + operation” model…

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