Navigator Announces Momentum to Build a Larger Carbon Capture Project


Dallas, June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – Navigator CO2 Ventures (“Navigator”) today announced the successful conclusion of the non-binding open season of its Carbon Capture Pipeline System (“CCS”).The proposed CCS project aims to provide biorefineries and other industrial participants with a long-term, economical way to substantially reduce their carbon footprint by capturing and transporting carbon dioxide.2 Travel through 1,200 miles of pipeline, across five Midwestern states, to a permanent isolation point. Based on extensive feedback from potential customers representing different emission sources, and in order to provide overall solutions for multiple industries, Navigator is actively seeking to expand pipeline capacity and conduct multiple storage sites, creating up to 12 million tons per year.

The pipeline project will benefit agriculture, liquid fuels and other industrial emission sources

Navigator previously announced a partnership with BlackRock Global Energy and Power Infrastructure Fund to develop CCS Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota with Illinois; Valero Energy Corporation is the main customer. The proposed system plans to transport liquefied carbon dioxide to the storage site through pipelines. When operating at full load, CCS will be able to capture and store enough CO2 This is equivalent to removing approximately 2.6 million cars from the roads or planting 550 million trees each year or eliminating the carbon footprint Kansas City 1.5 times or more.According to the International Energy Agency, carbon capture and storage projects have the ability to reduce global carbon dioxide2 Reduce emissions by nearly one-fifth and reduce the cost of combating climate change by 70%.

Navigator will use the information received during the non-binding open season to continue to cooperate with interested shippers on binding commercial agreements.The framework of these agreements will be the basis for the start of the binding open season, which is expected to be June 2021The CCS project is one of the first large-scale, commercially viable carbon pipelines developed in the United States. United States. Plans are underway to further expand the scope of the project as needed to meet the increased customer demand in the future. Navigator expects that the CCS project will be implemented in phases from the end of 2024.

For more information about the opening season, please contact Laura McGlosslin, Chief Commercial Officer, at Or visit

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