Most customers recovered after two major winter storms this week – QNT Press Release


Most of the 490,000 customers who lost power during back-to-back wind, rain, and snow incidents have turned on the lights again

The last part of Chatan customers who live in weather causing access problems will be restored on Saturday

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has restored most of its customers who lost power after two severe winter storms that struck northern and central California a few days apart this week, and caused nearly 490,000 customers to lose power. These storms hit the company’s service area, bringing several days of strong winds, heavy rain and thick snow.

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As of noon on Friday, nearly 12,000 customers (mainly in Butte and Pramas counties) still had power outages. The recovery of these end customers will continue tonight and should be completed by Saturday.

The remaining customers without electricity live in places where the roads are closed due to heavy snow or other damage. PG&E will continue to work hard to reach these customers and restore power supply safely as soon as possible.

In recent days, PG&E has moved staff from less affected areas to North Valley to strengthen recovery efforts there.

PG&E’s Chief Customer Officer Marlene Santos said: “Although California definitely welcomes rain and snow, we know that any time a customer’s power outages will cause inconvenience or worse, this is for customers who experience a longer outage. Of course it is correct.” “We want to thank our customers for their patience and support. Don’t worry, PG&E’s 24,000 employees are working for one purpose this week: to restore your electricity safely.”

This week’s winter storm caused severe damage to PG&E’s equipment, requiring repair or replacement of 176 telephone poles, 262 transformers, 900 jumpers and 236 cross arms. The areas that suffered the most damage from these two storms include the Sierra region, the Santa Cruz Mountains and other areas of the Central Coast, as well as the Humboldt and Mendocino counties further north.

To help with these storms, more than 1,500 PG&E employees and contractor workers have been working around the clock to recover…

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